Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Discerning and excelence

I believe that it is not vain nor facist to distingüish between things. "Discernment" it is said. "Discriminate", by the other hand, is a bad word today, so I avoid it. The important thing is to keep objectivity when analyzing, and subjectivity at the time of enjoying intimately. Well, that´s what I think...

The point is: ¿Is it useful/good/necessary/etc. (what you want) to distingüish between things, to discern, to see/point the limits? ¿Or is it better that all things be the same, like an amorphous mass, all equal, all with the same rights, etc. etc. etc.?
I think there are criteria as to say: excelent! or mediocre!

But I don´t have the habit to use a waste. In the worst cases, I simply recomend a change of heading or job.

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