Tuesday, July 24, 2007


There are 2 big vices that cover our intelligence and delay our evolution:

1) To believe that we know other people´s intentions.
2) To dedicate our selves to activities that doesn´t match our nature (our own way to be and to do), nor our assumed social role.

Concerning (1) we can call it "conjecture" and also "judgement of intention". The tipical phrase would be: "he did it because..." or also "he did it for...". What do we know about causes of actions? What does the other know about it? Do we always act with absolute freedom or are there conditions?

Concerning (2) it is particularly harmful what I call "denigrant judgement". It consists in the habit to qualify other people negatively, specially with political or economic intentions.

Of course, there are people who -justly- dedicate to these activities. We could include all of them with the name of "judges", which refers to referees, critics, juries, and even the parental rol, when the father or the mother judge the actions of their children. In such cases we don´t consider the point (2).

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