Thursday, November 11, 2010

The 3 of the New Ethics: True Knowledge, Sincere Love and Correct Action...

From knowledge you predicate that it is true or false, from love you predicate that it is sincere or dishonest and from action you predicate that it is correct or incorrect.

False knowledge is ignorance and leads to that mess or estate of being in which we were not long ago and which usually is called "illusion" or "egotism" or "material existence". Dishonest love takes you to that material mess and incorrect action takes you to that mess or material labyrinth. This material mess is Ignorance, Dishonesty and Mistakes and so it is suffering or False Happiness.

The false happiness consists of believing that you are happy when you are not. This is due to a psychological mechanism by which we tend to remember the happy moments and to forget or repress the suffering moments (it is naturally so). When you are asked if you are happy, unless you are suffering in that precise moment, normally you will answer "I am happy". This answer has also to do with pride: the majority of people answers so because they don’t want to admit that sometimes they are unhappy, because that would imply that they have committed mistakes that sometimes have taken them to that unhappiness situation.

To reach Truth in thoughts and words, Honesty in relations and Hit or success in actions means True Happiness.

Who doesn’t want to know the truth, and not be cheated? Notice that I am not asking who wants to cheat others, but who wants to be cheated by others…
Who doesn’t want that others love him/her sincerely? And I am not speaking of being dishonest with others…
Who doesn’t want to hit or be successful in all his/her actions? I am not referring to being hit by another…

The mere possibility of being cheated, betrayed or vanquished, is hateful, nobody likes that. We all want to know the truth, without illusion or cheating, to love and be loved with sincerity and without treason and to act with success and without mistakes.

If you are not in accord with this, tell me! Leave your comment!
If you are in accord with this, tell me! Leave your comment!

I thank you by anticipation.

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