Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OK I have just understood about "illusion". What now?

If you have readed my posts "The holographic universe. The illusion. Us" and "The true perfection and sense of "illusion"", then you must have understood this:

1) "Reality" that our senses perceive is a holographic projection of the consciousness field into the space-time (see the last discoveries and theories of quantum Physics, for instance the videos that I link in my youtube videochannel, to the right).
2) Reality (without quotes) is that we are not the kings of universe, it is more like we have entangled ourselves with our own creations, and we are or we were about to self-destroy us or, better said, having to start all again.

If this is so, ¿what solution we have?... Well, before speaking of solutions, lets clarify even more what the problem is. The self-destruction is not the biggest problem. At the end, it would be simply the need to start all again from the begining. The problem is that there are some ways without return, spirals into deep holes where nobody, not even God, could take us out without violating our free will (if God exists).
For instance, there are certain philosophic theories that speak about the relativity of all things. These ways of thinking go deep into this vision to the point where they leave no option, because they put in total doubt the posibility of understanding any thing, because all is "points of view", "all minds are contaminated with partiality and cathegories that modify the facts" and "all minds are conditioned" and similar arguments. To the same time, they close any posibility of an exterior intervention which could help us to free ourselves from selfishness. As I said, it is a dangerous hole of self-reference (or extreme egotism).
Another ways of thinking deepen even more the selfishness by the emotive side, resulting in very deep depresions.
Finally, there are the people that propose the theory of nothing and nirvana. These thinkers are ancient and they are cathegorized as "nihilists". They think that the objetive is to achieve "thinking of nothing", "doing nothing" and definitively, to free yourself from the holographic existence and become "one with the being", such as "a drop of water melts into ocean".

All these lines take us to a very complicated situation, but at last, the nihilism has a very quick solution when, after boring for some time in "the nothing", the person returns to exterior world and dedicate himself to phiilantropic activities. Which is something positive...

So what to do then? If all is nothing but illusion, What is the sense of existence?

That is the millon dolar question: What is the sense of existence? We will try to answer in short, so the post doesnt go long, and we will expand with other posts.

This existence that you, my reader, and me, have now, it is called "material existence". The world in which we are is called "material world", and the energy which compose it is called "material energy". The term "material" refers to certain characteristics of this energy and world, such as it changes constantly producing the decadence of all that is (decay, decadence, old age), it is without flavour in itself (because it is dead, without life) and it is a source of ignorance, obscurity. This is only the brief, it is really more complex...
The same way as there exists this "material world", there exists another world or existencial reality called "spiritual world", consistent of "spiritual energy". The term "spiritual" means the characteristics that, obviously, are the oposite of those of "material" world. For instance: it is eternally constant in its youth (there is no birth nor death, nor decadence, nor old age), it is tasty or full of ananda (that is translated often as "wellbeing" or directly "hapiness") and there all have full knowledge.
The spiritual world is similar to this material world in the forms. Better said, its the opposite: this world is similar to that one, but it is "distorted". It is said then that it is (we are) like a multitude of mirrors that reflect the spiritual world, but they are mirrors with slight variations in the surfaces that distort (we distort) the spiritual subjects and objects. The spiritual world is much more variegated and touching than material world. We will go on with this in another posts...

The sense of existence in this "material world" is that we experiment. Efectivelly, to function correctly, the spiritual world needs that its inhabitants follow some rules. When somebody doesnt want to follow these, such person "falls" or enters into this material world. Here it is allowed to do whatever he or she likes, and nobody is going to take you out of here if you dont want. But, be it here or in the spiritual world, there exists one only universal law: the law of action-reaction or karma law, which we have already explained in previous posts. Which means that everything that happens to you, you have provoked it. At first, the living entity refuses to acept this, he prefers to blame others for its situation. That attitude doesnt work, because at the end he continues to suffer the same (nature is imparcial). The moment when the living entity accepts the existence of this law, means a total change in his life, specially because accepting this law means accepting to receive this knowledge from another person.

In other words: the true meaning of existence cannot be found by a solitary person. It is necesary to receive this type of knowledge from another person, which had already undergo all the phases of such a discovery. All the philosophic ways can help you to get out from illusion, even movies speaking about this topic, they say to you the same: you need another person to show you the way.

This material world is constructed in such a way, that it tends to teach you the contrary. All of your life you have been bombarded with the idea that you need nobody to make it, and that is the reason why now you rebel against my words. Said in another way, you dont accept external help, because somebody or many people has told you that you shouldnt do it. You are paying obedience to this persons and that is why you dont want to accept that you need another person, one who doesnt foul you, to be able to step out of the labirinth of illusion or deceit.

If you dont believe me, go ahead, roll around for some time more or some more lives. I have all the time of the world, I am nobody in particular, I am only the voice of the master. "The voice of the master" will follow you wherever you go, now or in five thousand years. It has been with you thousand of years before and it will be with you forever, be it me or another person who incarnates it. Because we love you, because we want to see you free from illusion, consciouss of your eternity, inmanent happiness and full knowledged.

We will continue on the next post.


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Look at this quote:
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