Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I wanted to remind you

I wanted to remind you that, part of the experience that I propose to you in this blog, is to visit the links by the right. I have worked a lot reading each site to know what to link and what not. Every one of those links take you to blogs or sites that are protagonists of the "re-evolution of consciousness", as I call it at this moment. In fact, I have erased some links that I made carelessly.

That and to write many comments, those are my two first proposals. I repeat that I hate monologues, and specially mine.

In base to the commentaries that you have already left, I think I will leave the topics I was writing about and I will retake the Ethics topic. When I do it, I hope it serves to the construction of your own Ethics. I dont want to dictaminate nothing to nobody, because I am the "server of Nobody".

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