Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The begining of the end

This blog follows a sequence. If you are a new reader, you should start by "Return with a proposal" or at least from "The holographic universe. The illusion. Us". Else you will not understand correctly what follows.


At this point I must warn you: if you continue to read, there will be no more return for you to the type of "materialistic" life. You will simply fail in that type of existence. If you are ready to take the risk, go on and you will started to obtain the supreme success: to go back to the "spiritual world", freeing yourself for ever from illusion.

In the previous post I exposed many themes. I will not repeat what I have already said about illusion. Refering to the "spiritual world", I fundament myself in the Bhagavad-Gita (8, 20-21):

"There exists another nature, non manifest, which is eternal and trascendental to this manifested and non-manifested matter. That nature is supreme and never anihilated. When all this world is anihilated, that part remains as it is."

"That which the sages describe as non manifest and infallible, that which is known as the supreme destiny, that place from which, after arriving to it, you never come back, that is my supreme abode."

From that we will speak soon. I have mentioned also the "voice of the master. In "My sources" I speak in more extent about the necessity of finding a "life teacher" or "spiritual master", and I give my reasons in the post before this, "OK I have just understood about illusion...".
This blog doesnt propose as spiritual master to nobody, because we are all singular and so we need a master that "fits" us. Such a master we can only find ourselves, each one, simply searching for him in our lives. All this world is done with the intention that we find such a master and with his help, we free ourselves from illusion. Nonetheless, this blog serves properly to arriving to the comprehension of why we need such "spiritual master", and to lightly understand what is this world and which is the objective of our existence here.

This world has three aspects or prevalent functions:

1) It is a species of "jail": here end those who get out of the harmony of the spiritual world. As a perfect jail that it is, it offers different grades of freedom to its inhabitants. About that we have explained in "The mistery of freedom...".
2) It is a "rollercoaster" where we can for moments experiment certain types of enjoyments, according to the "good karma" that we have accumulated.
3) It is an "educational system", which teaches us in steps how to free ourselves from illusion. Remember that illusion we generate it in a certain sense ourselves, it is a subproduct of our activity, specially verbal and linguistic. It also teaches us how to "correctly" behave. We have already explained the fundamentals of "correction" in "New Ethics" and "The 3 of the New Ethics...".

Returning to the theme of spiritual world, lets see  that the verse says that nature is not manifested. This refers in contraposition to the material nature, which is "manifest and non manifest" (created and anihilated). And it is clear about the first: "It is supreme and never anihilated", and then again... You can understand then that it is eternal. In the next verse it is explained another characteristic: it is infallible. That refers to the fact there all is perfectly organized, every second, every milimeter, without any need for man-maked machines, to the point that you always get what you want and you never get what you dont want. I have already defined in another post that this is the ideal of "hapiness".
Which is finally mentioned, is that when you arrive to such place or state of existence, you never come back to material existence. This is the fundament of why in this material world it is almost our duty to experiment diverse attitudes and behaviours, with the proposal of "fullfilling our desires" and to understand the esence of illusion. But we must not try to experiment all, because the posibilities are infinite and we will never end. Then which is the moment to stop chasing illusions and become serious in the attainment of the freedom from illusion? That, each one must decide for itself, but my advise is to do it now.

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