Sunday, November 14, 2010

The true perfection and sense of "illusion"

We have already explained in gross the illusory nature of reality, or in terms of the physicists, "holographic universe". We have mentioned that fighting against such illusion is useless. It is so because existence means illusion, proyection of desires and ideas over a space-time around us.
There is another sense of the word illusion and it is more important. Illusion, or in sanskrit "maya" means "that which is not". It aplies then not only to the sensorial illusion but also and more properly to perception itself. Perception is a complex act. To feel, to use the five senses to acquire information from context, from the outside, that is only the first step. There is a second level. We have explained this somewhere else: some persons have not go beyond the world of the senses, they live for them. Another ones are in the mind´s level. We are going to explain this, but not too much.
The mind is a little machine. It is designed to serve as instrument of data input, suing of those data, and results devolution. The suing has many aspects such as analysis (different clases of analysis), comparing, ordering, mixing, creation, synthesis... Besides all that -cognitive proceses- there is the conexion between the mind and the feelings, that is another complex that I am going to explain now. Basically, feelings are the opposite of thoughts. The "mental" is properly the "masculine" or "left hemisphere of the brain" (please take all this as mere cathegories), the "emotive" is "femenine" or "right side". You can also understand the emotive as "from hearth". So we see that there are purely "mental" persons, purely "emotive" persons and mixtures of both. Remember that we are parts of a whole. So when we are acting as data procesors, at a mental or emotive level, we are just accomplishing a function in that whole. As if we were parts of a huge body, a cosmic body, lets say in this moment I am being like a neuron or neuronal centre procesing information, analyzing it, explaining it to you. And you are acting as receptors of that information, listening attentively what I say (it is so?) :p
The whole is listening this, through me producing this knowledge at this moment, through others reading what I  just produced. But what whole? Obviously, that whole who didn't know this... If there is a supreme or absolute person, as he is conceived in religions, that person doesn´t need to learn this. He or She already knows... On the contrary we are the ones that needed to know... We will leave this question open for now...
Some researchers in neuropsychology and similar have conceived some day that, at the end, what remains are the ideas. We are, after all, a species of refined computers. For instance a computer, you enter information, she processes, she exhibits some results in the screen or another gadget... She does so for some time, then she "dies" (becomes obsolete); but then, even when the computer is no longer useful, the information remains. We simply pass it to the next computers hard disk and it remains... To this they called "the government of the memes" or "the eternity of the memes". They understood as "memes" (rhyme with "genes") an idea or group of ideas with certain potential, that remained over time using diferent physical support media, and between these media there are us! In other words, we are receptors and transmisors of "memes" or ideas. The ideas may last for centuries, even all the time of the universe (for instance the ideas of chaos and order are such old). We last a few moments in comparison with them, in fact they seem to "use" us for their perpetuation... So after all, ¿We created the ideas or the ideas created us?... disturbing question, but it allows us to re-evaluate our position in the universe. Evidently we are not the kings of the universe.
This having believed and still believing we are the center of the universe or in another words, GOD, this deification of ourselves, is a type of illusion and one ver very serious. It is in fact the essence of our wrong attitude towards nature and existence and it is leading us -or may be it was leading us- to our self-destruction (or in another words, to having to start all again, "game over").

Lets see, lets see, will say the more intelligent: ¿Haven't you say that all toghether, we were "god"? Well, at this point I must show how our teaching system works: knowledge as I understand it is a spiral: first we understand "white against black", then we go over another topics, then we complete the circle, but we are a little more upwards, then, the same topic, but this time, it is "white and black". Another round and now there are grays in the middle, another round and there are colors, another and there is non-visible light...
Now we have understood another element that we didn´t know: the world of the ideas is not there for our manipulation and control of reality... on the contrary it even seems the opposite: ideas control us, they use us as mere transmisors in the fight between them for supremacy.
Because if we look it closely, these ideas opose between them, then they fight to expand on behalf of their opposites. The "order" tries to arrange everything, "chaos" tries to disorder everything... and we are in the middle, we "afiliate" to order or chaos, and we are willing to give our lives for them... this is the pathetic reality of humanity until not long ago and even today... and I am going even far away: if there exist the gods and devils, they are in the same game, just with another high-tech "toys" like lightnings and divine weapons...

In other words, we have created a world that is now our Master. We have submited ourselves to slavery... that, dear readers, is the true perfection and sense of "illusion".

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