Thursday, November 11, 2010

How the proposal goes on

If you have not readed the post below, please do it now before going on.


I have proposed to take a transitory leader. Well, I am proposing myself as a leader, not for the world (I am not so stupid as to thing such a thing), simply I propose myself as leader for you, who are reading this.

As a leader, the first thing I propose to you is to write some commentaries to my posts. A good leader, as I understand it, is not a monologist or dictator. I don’t want to lead people that renounce his own individuality and initiative to follow orders. If you read another posts on this blog you will understand what I promote.

Another essential point is that you visit the sites that I link. I consider them extremely important for a world revolution of our collective and One consciousness. Repeating what they are doing is ridiculous. They have already done it. So now try to explore them. In a certain way, they are like extensions of my blog, the same way as my blog is an extension of each of them. You are also an extension of each of us and we are of you. So now know us better, because then you will be knowing your self, and not any part of your self, but that part that is re-evolutioning your own world.

Now go and explore. And come regularly, because I will have more and more posts and links for you. That is my proposal, not my orders. Finally I say to you: Do what your hearth signals you, not what I say…

Then if you like all of this, please, tell me! If you are going to take me as a leader, tell me! I another thing, tell me! And remember, you can change of leader whenever you want. Simply if you take me as leader, you will see how soon our world will change for better. Yes: for better, because you will achieve each time more and more what you want and each time it will happen less what you don’t want. Tell me that is not what you want?............. I know perfectly that which everybody and each one wants and I synthesize it like this:

What everybody wishes is to achieve always what they want and that it never happens what they don’t want.

In the next post I will explain the three aspects of all that we wish and why it is so…

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