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The begining of the end 2

This blog follows a sequence. If you are a new reader, you should start by"Return with a proposal" or at least from "The holographic universe. The illusion. Us". Else you will not understand correctly what follows.


At this point I must warn you: if you continue to read, there will be no more return for you to the type of "materialistic" life. You will simply fail in that type of existence. If you are ready to take the risk, go on and you will started to obtain the supreme success: to go back to the "spiritual world", freeing yourself for ever from illusion.

In sciences there exists a principle that is called "Okcham razor" (forgive my english if it is not "razor"). This principle stablishes that one must accept the coherent and embracing enough explanation, that uses the less theoric elements posible. With that, science pretends to get rid of theist theories that speak of a "soul" and even of psychological theories that speak of a "mind". But scientists are getting into trouble because at the end, not even the "force of gravity" exists with proofs: te only thing that exists is a field of phenomena that we perceive and then we assign a force that explains what we perceive. Technically it is not posible to "perceive" in no way, not even with machines, the force of gravity, or the magnetism. They are pure theories. Then if we apply the Ockham razor, we should conclude that there exists only one energy and one force. The only force or power would be the illusion...
How can we solve this? Then it is not posible to understand anything, because "all is illusion"?

We are going to explain in brief what is this material world. For that, we will again cite the Bhagavad-Gita (7,4):

"Earth, water, fire, air, ether (vacuum), mind, intelligence and false ego, this eight combined elements constitute my separated material energies."

Scientists get a complex life with those huge particle accelerators. At first they were looking for more and more sub-particles. They arrived to the point of having a "subatomic zoo", and to order it became very complex, because it grew constantly, to the point that now they recognize particles that they cannot even see, they can only see its effects in a fog, for instance.
Today the theories go in another sense: they have discovered the "holographic nature" of the universe. This vision is not incorrect, at some point all is illusion, but it must be known that "illusion" does not only refer to the vision: the fire element has a correspondence with luminic energy and the sense of vision; but there exist five elements, energies and senses to perceive those energies in all. All of this will be finally recognized by the scientifics, but their material science will not go beyond that. They will never recognize the mind, the intelligence and the false ego, that are the subtle components of material nature. They see those are "brain effluvia".
Even if you recognize this subtle elements, even thus you have not learn all that is to be learnt. As master Prabhupada signals on his magistral explanation of this verse, people "supose that this material world is for the enjoyment of the living entities, and that living entities are the purushas -the cause, the controlers and the enjoyers of the material energy-".
Science as we said doesnt want to recognize even this subtle elements, this is because the scientists want to fundament their opinion that we are the cause, the controlers and the enjoyers. By the other way, there are "masters" that teach the subtle aspects and, no obstant, they are non different from scientists. They also try to put the living entity as the center and cause of everything, and they teach false clasifications where for instance they multiply to infinite the number of "bodies" that we have. I have come to read a theory that postulated that we have 9 bodies: etheric, double astral, and I dont know which others...

All this multiplication of false doctrines was predicted by a great master, the one called Christ or Jesus. He clearly said that "to the end of times" then will come false profets and false messiahs or salvators. At this point, it is not difficult to understand the causes of such multiplication: humanity in general is making use of its intelligence, trying to understand things; but the problem is that there is no humility; instead each one tries to understand by itself, without accepting the necesity of learning all this from another person. The same way as you learn mechanics from a master mechanic or painting from a master painter, it is necesary to understand about what is real or not, about material and spiritual, from a master well versed in such topics, theorically and practically.

The Bhagavad-Gita explains the characteristics of such bona-fide masters in the verses 55-58 of the second chapter:

" is said that a man is in a state of trascendental and pure consciousness, when he leaves all the varieties of desires for sense gratification, desires that come from mental invention, and when his mind, purified in such a way, finds satisfaction in the being only."
"That person whose mind doesnt disturb even in the middle of the three types of suffering, nor gets exultant in the moments of hapiness, and which is free from attachement, fear and anger, it is said to be a steady mind sage."
"In the material world, he who is not affected by any good or evil that he may obtain, and that doesnt price nor dispise it, he has firmly in his possession the perfect knowledge."
"He who is able to retract his senses from the objects of the senses, such as a turtle saves his extremities inside the caparace, he has firmly in his possession the perfect knowledge."

Another criterium to know who is a true master, is that such a master is simply succesful in what he starts. If a master ends for instance in jail, he is not a true master. If a master suffers grave ailings, such as cancer, and he doesnt renegate it, instead he goes on and has success, he is a true master. But if his work comes down, then he is not a true master. If the master´s disciples have success and achieve the qualities described in the previous verses, then he is a true master. If his disciples fail to achieve such qualities, then he is a false master.

I would be glad that you write commentaries and in such a way I would know where to go in the next posts.

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