Saturday, November 13, 2010

The holographic universe. The illusion. Us.

Nowadays there is much dialogue about reality as a holographic proyection of our minds. This is a good idea, adecuate to the moment, but inexact.
By the other hand we also know from "Matrix" movie the idea of a superior force that keeps us illusioned, traped in the holographic universe, who knows whit which objetive.
¿Which is the reality? ¿What is our role here?

As we explained in the previous post, we have basically tree power: to wish, to think and to feel. All starts by our desires. From them, with our thoughts we elaborate ideas. These ideas one way or another end materializing (we will explain that in due time). Finally, in relating with the external world we "feel" experiences more or less pleasant. And that is our true objective. In the very inside we are all hedonists. Even the stoic, he is simply someone who is traped in some corner of the holographic maze. Lacking a way out, he decides to "endure" whatever comes, but in his interior the desire is to enjoy.

That is why the great oriental masters warn us against the "sense gratification", not for enjoying itself, but to trying to do it in a "separate way". In other words, "egoistic". Today there are lots of those false philosophies or reliigions that tell us that we simply must wish intensely and then the universe will give us whatever we want. That is not so: the desire of the whole "living entity" is more important and more powerful than the individual entity´s wish. Our desire will be acomplished in the measure of its harmony with the whole´s desire.

The problem for us is that we have not learnt to harmonize our whole desire field. The way to do it is very simple: we have to find our "center". This is a totally individual task. Each one must search and find his own center. To find the center means to recognize a person I will listen to. Because all starts there: listening. To listen means to abandon the proud stances of "I already know" and "I can do it alone".

Scientifics are discovering the holographic nature of universe, but they are also doing because they want to control the universe. They are still in a war plan: war against the nature itself. That is not the attitude that we need now, but another: we must abandon the childlike idea of independence. We are all interdependent, ones from anothers. I cannot satisfy my desires to enjoy in an individual way, I always need another ones. Even the perspective of "I am going to satisfy me" is wrong, because it is egoistic. That is why some day I wrote:

"True hapiness means to know how to enjoy the hapiness of the others".

It is not ME, it is US.

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