Thursday, November 11, 2010

Return with a proposal

I had abandoned the blog. I spent a lot of time doing things in "real life" and recently I opened my youtube videochannel "Nexo Central Sur de América", under the usef 0NobodyNonameetc 0NadaNadieetc. There I link that which seems interesting and, above all, useful for the revolution of consciousness that this world is experiencing. I used to be called "Tattva das" or "servant of Thruth". My new name is "servant of Nobody".

So I will start by explaining a little who is Nobody and who are their relatives.

My first affirmation of today is this one: "We are all relatives" and also "All is relative"… but try to understand correctly… I don’t mean that as all is relative, so we cant talk about things… what I say is that we all are relatives: "We have relations and by those relations we live". At the last point, what keeps us alive is this network of relations that are the different forms of the so-called "love".

¿Who is Nobody? Well, Nobody is the person if whom you can say nothing.
Efectively, of Him you can only say that which He is not, and not that which He is; who He is and not who He isn’t.

His immediate relative is "nothing". Nothing is "that which", it means that it is "impersonal". Nobody is "he/she who", it means "personal".

Another relative of Him is Everything/Everybody. The infinite whole of all the things/persons is relative of the infinitely vacuum of nothing/Nobody.

Finally, the third relative is anybody or maybe somebody… in other words the One. One is me, for instance, one is You, and also Him. But you also can say that the Whole is One, even from a partial part of the Whole you can say that it is One, as long as there is a criterium of Oneness. For instance: "unity of criterium", "unity of desire" or "unity of ideology".

So the movement that I can see in this world in which we are today living is towards that Unity. But beware! Unity doesn’t mean the nullification of diversity. By the other side, there can only be unity if there is a common desire, a common criterium and the communion of powers…

¿How is it that diversity is not nullified then? Well, the secret is to understand that the "picture" that we are painting is a static picture. That is only a part of reality, and it is called that which is in the "space". The other part of reality is called that which rolls over "time". Then unity is produced when all "armonize" their desires, criterium and power under a common leader. But that leadership is kept as long as it is useful for us. The very instant it is not longer useful, we simply change the leader for another and so we change direction.

Finally we must understand that this proposal of mine for unity goes until some entourages or places and along certain time. Each one can accept or reject this proposal, can accept it partially and then he can expand it and better it. The grade of influence of it will be what will bring us to the unity that I am talking about. If it is not accepted, there will be no unity, we will keep navigating each one towards his own direction… If you accept it, you who are reading this, you will have collaborated with a little grain of sand to create the Unity that we all desire and that you desire.

Then One will be All and all things.

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